Who are we ?


Since its creation, the GROUPE VISION GLOBALE has established itself as one of the most efficient of the new generation of cleaning and associated service providers. Its ability to offer a complete, innovative and efficient offer, in the multiservice and multitechnical businesses, results from its experience acquired with its various partners.

The philosophy of the GROUPE VISION GLOBALE was naturally created, thanks to the professionalism of its leaders demonstrating a particularity of listening and effective analysis. The economic and environmental solutions, the global consideration of the needs identified, the flexibility of application of the services, are facilitated by the control of a single and competent interlocutor.

The application of these principles of rigor, since the creation of the GROUPE VISION GLOBALE, has made it possible to satisfy the level of quality of the customers and to affirm its professional credibility.



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Quality products and materials

Globalized services

Our Philosophy


The irreproachable quality and service of the services offered ensure the professional recognition of the GROUPE VISION GLOBALE in areas of intervention that are as varied as they are complementary. In order to optimize our areas of expertise, we have logically segmented our services by division. 

Vision Globale

Crystal Cleaning Services CCS


Techniques & Jardins 

La Pépinière de l'Hurepoix

Organization chart


The GROUPE VISION GLOBALE, led by our Managing Director Abed Derkaoui, brings together the entities Vision Globale, Crystal Cleaning Services CCS, Amiral and Techniques et Jardins - La Pépinière de l'Hurepoix. In order to respond effectively to your needs, GROUPE VISION GLOBALE and its entities have a specific organization chart.


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Nos Engagements


Raising awareness of the challenges of sustainable development for the group, its customers and partners.


A social dynamic combining progress and social climate.


An environmental management system that reconciles ecology and economy.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is often defined as the ability to ensure the development and fulfillment of current generations without compromising that of future generations”.

The Groupe Vision Globale has set itself “7 commitments” to meet 3 priority challenges.

Environmental issue

Reduce our CO2 emissions

Adapt our fleet of machines and favor less polluting and less energy-consuming ones

Reduce our environmental impact

Societal issue

Develop collaboration with local partners

Hire and train our employees, favoring local labor

Governance challenge

Deploy the sharing of values ​​within the company, in relation with the stakeholders

Communicate and report on sustainability activities and results


In order to provide a service that meets the requirements and thus increase the satisfaction of our customers, we have moved to the ISO 9001 standard. An added value that guarantees our total commitment on our part.

Since January 1, 2011, the GROUPE VISION GLOBALE has moved to the ISO 9001 standard. An added value that guarantees total commitment and a service that meets the requirements of its customers and that increases their satisfaction.

Client satisfaction


Quality Control

Review of the service




Our machines

The Vision Globale Group only uses machinery and professional electrical equipment from the European Union.

Our material

The Vision Globale Group orders new equipment for each new Customer after the signing of the contract and according to the references defined in the offer


For the glazing
The Groupe Vision Globale has chosen the leader in the manufacture of professional window cleaning equipment.

The GROUPE VISION GLOBALE favors the use of ranges of cleaning products that have obtained certification or Ecological Label from the European Union